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Naruto Fanart - G - Snuggling on the Couch

March 1st, 2008 (05:38 pm)

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I bring fanart!

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Snuggling on the Couch


There's actually a story to go with this pic. Briefly stated:

It's Valentines Day and Kidoumaru (after overhearing Jiraiya being pervy in the kitchen that morning) thought Jiraiya was going to hurt Orochimaru, because he said, "You better get the kids out of the house; I'm going to make you scream tonight. Heeheehee."

Well... Despite all their efforts, Kidoumaru and the other kids (who couldn't bare the thought of their Orochi-Mama getting hurt - except Kabuto, who was old enough to know what Jiraiya was referring to and got a kick out of torturing the perverted man, hence he went along with the kiddies' schemes) all set out to thwart Jiraiya's plans. They did a great job and by nightfall they were all tucked in their beds. Until Sakon realised that Jiraiya might hurt Orochi-Mama then because there wouldn't be any witnesses! So they all plotted and decided that they wanted a story.

Now, at this time Orochimaru was getting ready for bed (which meant stripping down to his underwear), whilst Jiraiya giggled and blurted lewd comments every few minutes. It was Orochimaru that answered the tiny knock on the door that turned out to be a wide eyed Kimimaro, who asked in an equally tiny (and cute) voice, "We want a story. Can you please read to us, Orochi-Mama?"

With his eyebrow twitching because of that ridiculous nickname (which Tsunade taught them, the damned woman!), Orochimaru agreed;

1) The kids wouldn't take no for an answer and would continuously knock on his and Jiraiya's bedroom door until they got what they wanted. Thus he wouldn't get any sleep and he'd be risking his children's innocence as Jiraiya never let Valentines Day go without a sweaty ending, and...

2) Jiraiya's giggling was getting irritating.

So he agreed and after decking himself in his favourite purple yukata and leaving Jiraiya to giggle and change, they all perched themselves on the lounge. They eventually fell asleep and with the dropping of the heavy book of "Great Shinobi Battles" Jiraiya peeked downstairs (he'd thought Orochimaru had gone to the bathroom in order to prepare himself for his planned activities) and found them as they were.

Which is where the picture comes in! Jiraiya's comment: "I hate kids. Why do they have to be so fucking cutesy? If they keep going like this Orochimaru's going to want to keep them." (<- Please note, that they've had the kids for two years in the least, so yes, Jiraiya is clutching at very thin strands of hope here) was supposed to be in the pic, but it looked ugly, so out it went!

And in the end, poor Jiraiya was left to go to bed without sex or a body beside him.

I'm not into V-Day; there's more than one day to show your significant other that you care, but I just realised that some parents would be hard pressed on the day and I felt the need to draw something for them. So my warped Naruto-verse was the lucky victim (Or was Jiriaya?). And I know, late, late, late.

:heart: Love for Orochi-Mama! :heart:

Beware, there will be more Sound Family madness on the way.